LightLeaf Solar’s Structural Solar Panel (SSP) is a new and innovative type of solar panel that is perfect for powering marine, RV, automotive or aerospace vehicles.

Until now, adding solar power to anything beyond a roof has been quite challenging. Rigid glass solar panels are heavy, sharp, and awkward to install and use, and flexible panels are damage-prone and hard to install and maintain over the long-term. Traditionally, both of these are often tacked on top of an otherwise elegantly designed watercraft, RV, etc., which is less than ideal.

LightLeaf Solar’s SSP is a great solution to all of these traditional challenges. It is strong, rigid, lightweight, durable and molded to the required shape. These panels can be customized to almost any sizing and shaping requirements for optimal fit. Rather than being tacked on top, they are integrated with the structure, which adds beauty and strength, instead of subtracting esthetics and functionality.

Cool Things about our Structural Solar Panels

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 4.17.52 PM.png


Strong & stiff monolithic construction

Aka - NOT floppy or a glass picture frame

Super Light

1/4 the weight of traditional glass panel - only 8mm thick

Aka - super light, same as a heavy blanket


You pick based on your solar needs!

Aka - we can design & make it!


1 year limited

Aka - LightLeaf Solar designs, manufactures, and sells high quality solar products. In the event something happens, contact us!


Impact & abuse tolerant construction

Aka - no cell-breaking flapping or bending

Cell Type

High efficiency SunPower monocrystalline cells

Aka - top of the line, 23% efficiency

Weather Resistant


Aka - withstands heavy rainstorms

Power Output

105w @ AM 1.5

AkA - fancy standardized rating to say generate a really good amount of power in peak sun year over year!


High-performance carbon construction

Aka - awesome, proprietary process


Can be molded to almost any shape & integrated structurally and aesthetically

Aka - we can design & make for your needs!

Panel Surface

High absorption polycarbonate surface

Aka - top of the line, 23% efficiency

Dual Purpose

Repurposed surface & dual tech duty

Aka - can be black carbon, white, or recycled background, and designed with multifunctions in mind!

What will this power?

Our 100w panels will charge your phone, tablet, laptop, power a stereo, TV, fan, bluetooth speaker, boil water, among other awesome things!

Electrical Data

(at STC 1000W/m2, AM 1.5, 25 oC)

Mechanical Data

for 100W SSP Carbon/Carbon Construction

Specification Data
Cell TypeMonocrystalline, 125 mm
Cell Arrangement32 (4 x 8)
Dimensions556 x 1064 mm
Panel Thickness8 mm
Weight2.1 kg
Maximum Applied Bending Moment (Applied lengthwise) 240 N-m (91kg person standing in the panel centre)
Deflection at Maximum Applied Bending Moment (Panel Center)7mm
J-BoxPotted, 2 Diodes, Back exit, Semi-flush
Cable14 AWG Marine Duplex
Specification Data
Nominal Max power (Pmax)100W
Optimal Operation Voltage (Vmp)17.3V
Optimal Operation Current (Imp)5.8A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)21.2V
Short Circuit Current (Isc)6.2A