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Whether you need to charge your phone or GPS, brew some tea, or just simply keep the lights on, we’ve got you covered! Our light-weight and high-efficiency structural solar panels are customized to fit your off-grid requirements.

LightLeaf Solar designs, creates, and manufactures Structural Solar Panels (SSPs) that are rigid, durable, super light, uniquely shaped, powerful, multifunctional, and extra environmental. These panels can be customized to any specific shaping and sizing needs to ensure the perfect fit. Our panels are then integrated with your structure OR are the structure themselves, for ultimate functionality and aesthetic appeal!

I’m really excited with the unique products coming from LightLeaf Solar. Their creativity and dedication towards making sustainable outdoor adventure solar gear is refreshing!
— Marcus, Escape Sports
All of the solar panels we had seen were rectangular and flat, but our teardrop trailer has no straight lines. Rick at Light Leaf created panels that mirror the curves of OUR trailer. I couldn’t have imagined such a complete intersection of form and function. They adjust to protect the windows while on the road or shade the windows at the campsite, while still providing the power we need.
— Rod, TearDrop Trailer Owner
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