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Structural Solar Panels (SSP) for Unusual Applications


Are you looking for a solar panel that is not a heavy “picture-frame style” NOR a floppy flexible solar panel? We can create a manufactured solar panel for use with any application. Our panels are so strong, you can stand on them. *Wild Applause*

  • Strong and Stiff Monolithic Construction

  • Carbon/ Kevlar/S-Glass Cored Construction


Do you need a solar panel that you can trust? One that will stand up to the elements AND a ballpean hammer? Yeah, we’ve beat the heck out of our panels and they are still top-notch.

  • No breaking, flapping cells (like those darn floppy solar panels)

  • UV Stable and Super Tough Polycarbonate

Super light

These panels are light, like really light. They are actually 1/4 the weight of a traditional framed glass panel. If you are thinking of creating a performance solar vehicle of any sort, this is panel will make it possible.

  • And crazy thin - 8 mm

  • For you techies, the structural carbon panel is 2kg/100 W

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Our SSP’s can be moulded to almost any shape. You can build your masterpiece using our panels as a part of the structure. Beautiful!


Our solar panels are built with the best monocrystaline cells in the industry. With up to 23% efficiency on each cell, we have an excellent power to area ratio.

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