Structural Solar Panels - SSP’s

A new type of panel great for mobile, high performance applications

Structure and Solar Combined


  • Strong and Stiff Monolithic Construction

  • Carbon/Kevlar/S-Glass Cored construction

  • NOT a glass picture frame or floppy flexible


  • Impact and abuse-tolerant construction

  • No cell-breaking flapping or bending

  • Proven UV stable and tough Polycarbonate

Super Light

  • 1/4 the weight of a traditional framed glass panel

  • Structural Carbon panel – 2kg/100W

  • Thin – 8mm


  • Can be molded to almost any shape - Custom or Standard

  • Build with it – no need for underlying structure

  • NOT tacked on – integrated structurally and asthetically.


  • Built with the best monocrystaline cells

  • Up to 23% cell - high efficiency

  • High power/area ratio

Solar Power for Automotive, Marine, RV’s, Aerospace, Off-grid solar.